One of the things customers like is having websites built that do exactly what they want it to do. Here's an example:

Restaurant Sashimi uit Maastricht Logo

Here are a few of the notable things I did with the website:

  • Responsive; the website is responsive to make sure people on their phones can get the information they want.
  • WYSIWYG; alle texts in the website are editable in the live site, allowing you to see changes immediately.
  • Multi-lingual; the site was created to support 4 languages.
  • Full-Picture background; the website is semi-transparant content over pictures of restaurant.
  • FAQ systeem; easily define frequently asked questions and answers to answer people's questions, making sure they don't have to call the restaurant.
  • Tag systeem; all dishes can be tagged, allowing you to browse their menu by tag. An example would be ingredients; all dishes with salmon are tagged, so you can find salmon dishes with ease. the same goes for the kind of dish, soup for example, and much more.
  • Facebook integration; alle pages and dishes are linked to Facebook to allow people to share what dishes they like best.

Get in Touch

If you would like a similarly custom built website, feel free to contact me.