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Kundradersteengroeve, which translates to 'Kunrader Quarry' is the only Dutch quarry operating in The Netherlands at the moment. The stone they delve is a special kind of calcareous sedimentary rock that only occurs locally and was used throughout history in buildings in the area. Now that the quarry is operating again, they can supply the original material to repair the historic buildings and structures.

The Kundradersteengroeve is quite an amazing company, and it’s run with a lot of passion. While they are experts at their field, IT isn't their cup of tea, and they ran into some logistic problems with keeping calendars synchronized, documents existed in various locations and e-mails were scattered.

Kunradersteengroeve Voorraad

To make sure all their data was available and at their fingertips, even when on the road and with just an iPhone, I moved all their needs to the Google cloud. The e-mail for all their domains are now handled by Google, all existing mails from all existing mailboxes were imported into Gmail to make all their old mails available.

Up next were their calendars. There were multiple local and iCloud calendars in use. All appointments were imported into Google’s calendar, which makes sure every meeting is available from any device as well.

Last was their archive. All contracts, invoices and other documents were moved to Google Drive, allowing them to not view them all in a browser, the contents is now searchable from their Gmail interface, which brings everything together. It doesn't matter if they are at home on the iMac, at work on the MacBook or on the road on their iPhone, on any device, they all their data at their fingertips.

If you would like to have all your data easily accessible where ever you are, you can hire me just like Kundradersteengroeve did, and get your business data available wherever you are.

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