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Resturant Sashimi in Maastricht is the best and most successful sushi restaurant in Maastricht.

In 2012, when I was checking out their website before eating there, I noticed that they'd been hacked. Due to an older, not updated and vulnerable CMS, the website was part of a large amount of mass-hacked sites, which were then used to serve malware. When I went to grab some sushi with my girlfriend (now my wife), I told the owner after dinner. He explained to me that the guy who usually takes care of the IT stuff for him moved to the other side of the country, so he asked me if I could take care of it.

I started to clean up the site and got rid of all the malware. Afterwards, I made sure Symantec updated their reputation system, since it can normally take quite some time before it removes sites from their blacklist, and that's not desireable for business owners. Once that was all sorted out, I explained that once a machine has been hacked, or "rooted", you can never be sure you've gotten rid of it all, and it's best to just wipe the machine and start fresh. The owner took that as a good reason to start fresh and comission a new website. This allowed him to get all the features he wanted but were lacking in the old site, which was a nice bonus.

Restaurant Sashimi uit Maastricht Logo

Here are a few of the notable things I did with the website:

  • Responsive; the website is now responsive to make sure people on their phones can get the information they want.
  • WYSIWYG; alle texts in the website are editable in the live site, allowing you to see changes immediately.
  • Multi-lingual; the site was created to support 4 languages.
  • Full-Picture background; the website is semi-transparant content over pictures of restaurant.
  • FAQ systeem; easily define frequently asked questions and answers to answer people's questions, making sure they don't have to call the restaurant.
  • Tag system; all dishes can be tagged, allowing you to browse their menu by tag. An example would be ingredients; all dishes with salmon are tagged, so you can find salmon dishes with ease. the same goes for the kind of dish, soup for example, and much more.
  • Facebook integration; all pages and dishes are linked to Facebook to allow people to share what dishes they like best.

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