le Soleil du Vietnam Logo

le Soleil du Vietnam is a Vietnamese restaurant in the city of Li├Ęge, the french-speaking part of Belgium, near the city of Maastricht in The Netherlands where I live.

The owner of Sushi restaurant Sashimi in Maastricht, one of my other customers, referred me to a friend of his with a restaurant that would also like a new website. After meeting with mr. DO of le Soleil du Vietnam, I created a new website to showcase the menu and the take-away part of the restaurant. The back-end module allows them to easily manage their menu's and create Microsoft Word and PDF versions of the menu that people can download as well as view them online.

Here are a few of the notable things I did with the website:

  • Responsive; the website is now responsive to make sure people on their phones can get the information they want.
  • Multi-lingual; the site was created to support 4 languages.
  • Drag-and-Drop menu builder
  • Restaurant Menu export to Microsoft Word and PDF
  • News system CMS to add messages in multiple languages
  • Full-Picture background; the website is semi-transparant content over pictures of restaurant.

Would you like to have a custom built website yourself? Your website will always be custom built to your specification and anything is possible. See this page for more information.