KPN Interview RTL4

I (Nick Kusters) was interviewed on August 12th 2012 for the national news on Dutch TV station RTL4 in relation to default password problems of the Thomson SpeedTouch modems provided by ISP KPN.

NOTE: The video is in Dutch (and can also be viewed on RTL4's site directly).


While working at BannerConnect, one of the leading Ad Tech companies in The Netherlands, I worked on a special project, creating applications for the AppNexus Ad Exchange. In Online Advertisement, lots of data is gathered, and it can be tough to get the information you need form all that data. Add to that, the fact that generating and downloading reports from AppNexus is not the fastest thing in the world; and you have a nice reason to create a reporting app.

To make sure all drill-down reporting was possible on all metrics and you wouldn't have to wait more than 2 seconds for results to be on screen, I specced my own server to optimize SQL delivery (2 12-core Xeon processors, 192GB ram, SSD's in multiple RAID volumes to maximise IOps for data, logs and temp db) and written a custom engine to aggregate the data ahead of time from AppNexus, optimize it for reporting (compare it to what a data warehouse does) and the app itself to enable drill downs in all directions, alerts, etc. to create one hell of an app.

For UX, the default Twitter BootStrap UI was chosen; it allowed me to focus on making the best techinical product it could be, while making sure the UX was up taken care of as well.

Cree8.Reporting from Cree8 on Vimeo.